I live my life on this principle; create something every day.
— Eddie Barbini


Eddie began his producing career in 2000 when he took on the executive producer role for the reality version of “Law and Order”. Since then he has produced over 2,000 hours of reality television. With all his experience and success in the non-fiction world, Eddie currently holds an overall deal with Discovery Studios, developing and producing shows for a broad scope of networks, specifically within the Discovery family. Some of his past shows include “Dirty Jobs”, “Extreme Smuggling”, “Swamp Logger”, “Worst Case Scenario”, “Out of The Wild” and much more for the Discovery Channel, along with “Miracle Detectives” and “Blackboard Wars” for Oprah’s new network OWN. His most recent projects with Discovery Studios includes “Manhunt/Lone Target” Seasons 1 and 2 on Discovery Networks International/Animal Planet, “Texas Trocas” Seasons 1 and 2 on Discovery en Español, “True Nightmares” on Investigation Discovery, and “ The Demon Files” and the Thanksgiving special “When Turkeys Attack” for Destination America. It is not unusual for this three-time Emmy nominated producer to have multiple shows in production and a wide variety of projects in development. 


Fresh out of NYU Film School, Eddie began his career in television directing and producing commercials and music videos in New York in 1985. He made the move to Los Angeles in 1989 where his non-fiction directing profession took off with the Fox series “Totally Hidden Camera”. Since then, Eddie has directed two independent feature films, five movies for the CIA, and over five hundred recreations for shows “Real Stories of the Highway Patrol”, “Unsolved Mysteries” and Dick Wolf’s “Arrest and Trial”. He recently directed seven short films for a new series on Investigation Discovery called “True Nightmares”, which he also was executive producer on.  


Eddie began to seriously pursue art just a few years ago as a way to free his mind of the chaos that come with producing and directing non-fiction television. As an artist, Eddie is obsessed with how light affects the subjects he paints. He has recently been exploring this concept in his Contemporary Los Angeles Landscape series where he explores the familiar yet un-noticed buildings that make up the side streets of the City Of Angels. He recently hosted an art show called No Notes in Culver City, CA that showcased other industry professionals’ artistic creations, all of whom also use art as a means of creative expression to break free from the ever so dreadful network notes that come with their TV shows. Eddie mostly enjoys painting in his private studio at his country home in Three Rivers, CA.

Artist of the month


What better way to start this page than with you own kid. Quinn has been writing music since his teenage years. I have watched him grow musically, spiritually and as a man. He is dedicated to his vision and his music, as well as his relentless work ethic. His music is personal and introspective which makes it unique in a world where imitation is the safe choice.  His lyrics speak to his generation and the struggles his peers experience because that language is universal. His laid back style resonates throughout his music especially songs like "What if and his earlier works like "Driven".